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    There are various trends forecasted for lighting design and all are promising. Contrasting textures, muted colours, industrial design influences and LED innovation take centre stage this year. Mega-lite design team spoke with a handful of renowned design experts who attended the Amsterdam Festival of Light in March. Here are some of the more dominant lighting design trends they said to look out for in 2016.




    Texture experimentation

    There is a keen movement toward the experimentation and combination of tactile rich finishings such as matte, polished and brushed designs. The finished product typically has a strong textural component resulting in a visually stimulating aesthetic. Matte is currently dominating in terms of popularity. It can be interpreted in high contrasting tones like black, graphite, and ultra-white which would give a trend of this nature longevity due to its diversity.

    Refined industrial design

    This warehouse-inspired movement injected with mainstream design has undergone noticeable refinement, giving it more of a glamourous appeal. This trend has been redefined by intricate detail, geometric shapes, elegant lines and integrated finishes such as wood, coloured rubber and brass.

    Metallics live on

    Popular in 2015, gold and brass have come into this year with an even stronger foothold as far as trends go under the lighting umbrella. Commonly known as “vintage brass” by some manufactures, these two colours have been reinterpreted to give off a warm and soft appearance and come in several different tones and sheens. Expect to see a plethora of new brass lighting designs.