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Designer Lighting Manufacturing

The story began in 1985 with visionary entrepreneur Rolf Keller, a Swiss Engineer, who developed a design strategy to bridge European lighting and technology into the South African retail market, with the emphasis and focus on truly understanding consumer behaviour, needs and personalities. His philosophy further endeared the vision of sustainability towards local manufacturing which continues to characterize the company's core brand values and philosophy today.

Through intensive research to innovative design and development, everything is controlled in-house  before construction of the prototype. After technical lighting calculations and project planning, follows the CAD, Pro Engineering and a 3D Printing design process with CNC equipment and hands-on craftsmanship. After construction of the prototype and before going to series production, all luminaires are examined in the company's laboratory for thermal and electrical function before the final stage of powder coating. Offering a standard range of colours with the flexibility of specific colour toning every process is managed at the in-house powder coating plant, thus summarizing the company's continued commitment and leadership in the development of uncompromised quality craftmanship for the lighting industry market.


"Architectural lighting covers and incorporates layers of design elements, which are combined to create an idea, that is implemented through quality engineered luminaires. To amplify the results both historical knowledge and the commitment to remain current in our evolution is required. Our commitment to evolution ensures that we strive to stay abreast of the most recent applications and technologies whilst incorporating these practically and logically - when deemed appropriate based on performance, energy-efficiency, cost, etc. Our aim is to introduce our clients to design possibilities that are distinctive and appropriate to their specific project needs. Our promise is to translate your vision into the environment with communication and experience. The lighting is strategically planned in order to highlight and accent the architectural planes and features to communicate a sense of luxury as if born from the architecture itself. When practiced with care, this enigmatic mode of story-telling can produce a space that is vibrant, yet soothing with great spatial depth generated simply from its innate qualities. Through our close interaction with the design team, the final product reflects a balanced structure."

Roman Keller and Tracey Roos

What We Do
Project Management
Project Management
  • Specialised Engineers
  • Technical Support
  • Architectural Lighting Design
  • Detail and Specification Reviews
  • Skilled Designers
  • Hands-on Craftsmanship
  • Customized Prototyping
  • Highly Refined Research
  • 3D Printing Process
  • CNC Manufacturing
  • Thermal Laboratory Testing
  • On-site Powder Coating Plant
  • International and SABS Certified
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